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TAG Durham 2009

Call for Session Organisers and Papers
TAG 2009: 17th-19th December

The 31st annual TAG conference will be held at Durham University between the 17th and 19th of December 2009.

Session proposals can now be submitted by sending a form :

The deadline for session proposals is the 30th of June.

Please note that it is expected that proposals for both the session overall and the individual papers will explicitly specify what contribution they are making to archaeological theory.

There will be a two-stage process for accepting sessions and papers:

1st stage February - June 2009 sessions:
1. receipt of session abstracts (see above).
2. the Scientific Committee will meet regularly to agree on session proposals to accept
3. Information about accepted sessions will be added to the: www.dur.ac.uk/tag.2009/sessions.html
4. If there are more sessions proposed than rooms available, a waiting list will be produced.
6. Deadline for session proposals 30 June

2nd stage – July to October 2009
1. Session organisers to send information of proposed papers in their session (speaker(s); institution(s); title of paper; abstract of 200 words).
2. receipt of any other additional papers. Information to be sent to tag.2009@durham.ac.uk: name of speaker(s); institution(s); email(s); title of paper; abstract of 200 words.
3. Deadline for paper proposals 30 October
4. by 6 November production of draft list of accepted sessions and papers.

More information on how to register for the conference will be added to the web site. If you have any questions, please email the TAG 2009 organisers at: tag.2009@durham.ac.uk

If you are intending to submit a paper abstract rather than a session proposal, please review the list of sessions, choose one whose theme fits your paper, and contact the session organizers directly. The deadline for submission of individual paper abstracts to the session organizers is September 30th 2009.

Source: http://www.dur.ac.uk/tag.2009/call_papers.html

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