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livro útil para conhecer Zizek

Conversations with Zizek
by Slavoj Zizek and Glyn Daly
Cambridge, Polity Press, 2003

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"Slavoj Žižek has put the Soul back into philosophy." TLS
"Audacious and vertiginous, this book is everything one expects from him, a heady mix of psychoanalysis, politics, theology, philosophy, and cultural studies that will leave the reader both exhausted and exhilarated. For those wishing to gain a brief overview of his central thesis or his application of Lacan to cultural studies, this is an informal and opportune text, an excellent introduction to Žižek by Žižek." –Marcus Pound, Bristol University

"I am very impressed by how Žižek continues book after book to clarify, revise and deepen his thinking. This volume–ideal for the beginner, but with plenty to offer the practiced reader of Žižek as well– is a superb snapshot of where this most restless, iconoclastic and essential of contemporary theorists stands at the moment." – Henry Staten, University of Washington, Seattle.

"Glyn Daly succeeds here in punctuating the febrile forward rush of one of the most distinctive and influential voices of our time, making it curl a little more deliberately around questions many would want to ask Žižek responds with wily candour, offering up original and substantive theoretical speculation alongside bits of professional biography and new glosses on his favorite cultural examples. As invigorating and substantial a conversation as any one is likely to come upon. – Joan Copjec, author of Imagine There’s No Woman

Product Description

In this new book, Slavoj Žižek and Glyn Daly engage in a series of entertaining conversations which illustrate the originality of Žižek’s thinking on psychoanalysis, philosophy, multiculturalism, popular/cyber culture, totalitarianism, ethics and politics.

An excellent introduction to one of the most engaging and controversial cultural theorists writing today.
Žižek is a Slovenian sociologist who trained as a Lacanian and uses Lacan to analyse popular culture and politics.
Illustrates the originality of Žižek’s thinking on psychoanalysis, philosophy, multi–culturalism, popular/cyber culture, totalitarianism, ethics and politics.
Provides a unique glimpse of Žižek’s humour and character and offers new material and fresh perspectives which will be of interest to followers of Žižek’s writings."

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