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Images from PSI 15 (Performance Studies International) conference, in Zagreb, Croatia

The Faculty of Architecture of the University of Zagreb, where most of the events (sessions) took place.

Opening panel in the Youth Theater.
This was a huge conference, with many sessions and several shifts (performances). Next year PSI 16 will take place in Toronto, Canada (9-13 June 2010).

The prelude panel's table, with Jill Dollan, Janelle Reinelt, Richard Gough, Hans-Thies Lehmann, Patrice Pavis, Joseph Roach, Nicola Savarese. At the center, the two Croatian moderators: Lada Cale Feldman and Branislav Jakovljevic

Opening session (morning of 24th June, Zagreb Youth Theater): some of the experts in the table in front of a full auditorium). Joseph Roach (USA) speaking.

The four authors of this panel (Saturday 27, 12-14 h.) : Research, Organization, Technology and/as Artistic Performance 1. 
From left to right: Jon Mckenzie (Univ. of Wisconsin), Tiffany Wati-Smith (Univ. of London), Vítor O. Jorge (Univ. of Porto) and Kyle Gillette (Trinity University).

Vítor speaking

Vítor, Jon Mckenzie (Univ. of Wisconsin) and Tiffany Wati-Smith (Univ. of London). 
There was a tremendous heat in this room full of people of the 4th floor (stormy weather) of the Faculty of Architecture.

Photos: SOJ

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