quarta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2009

Aboboreira, 1990... images of the excavations...

Typical photo for souvenir... I am on the cover of the chamber, at the center. Chã de Parada 1, a passage grave, the most monumental of this necropolis where we have excavated since 1978.

The mound of Chã de Parada 1, containing a megalithic passage grave. First plan: structures of the mound, which was originally covered with a stony layer to protect it from the rain and to monumentalize the tomb.

The team of Susana' s workers resting ... at lunch time. Bouça do Frade.

Bouça do Frade, a huge Late Bronze Age site with pits, excavated by Susana...

... sent by our friend from Galicia, Ana A. Many thanks!

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