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Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities

'The State We're In' - Cosmopolitanism

Cosmopolitanism is presented as the formal ideology of the new world order. In the history of ideas, cosmopolitanism started as the ancient philosophy and ontology of the Cynics and Stoics. The modern cosmopolitanism of Kant was renewed in the twentieth century by Kelsen. Its current phase is represented by the political philosophy of Habermas, Falk, Beck etc. Cosmopolitanism promises the end of wars and the dawn of an age of perpetual peace. But our recent wars and the endless violence of the war on terrorism have drowned the emerging order in force and violence. What is the meaning of contemporary cosmopolitanism as political philosophy, constitutional and institutional design? Can the vernacular cosmopolitanism of cities such as London present an alternative to the grand plans of empire? This debate will address developments in social and political theory, international law and jurisprudence.
Robert Fine, Warwick
Paul Gilroy, LSE
Martti Koskenniemi, Helsinki and Cambridge
Walter Mignolo, Duke University
David Kennedy, Brown and Harvard
Costas Douzinas, Birkbeck
Saturday 7th March 2pm - 5pm Room B33 Birkbeck Main Building

Free - no registration - all welcome

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