sábado, 17 de janeiro de 2009

London: National Portrait Gallery (and its shop, of course)

Exhibition of a great photographer's work.

About National Portrait Gallery:

"Bag", by Hendrick Kerstens, 2007 ("logo" of the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 08 - works in exhibition now until 15th February)

photos voj jan. 2009

This gallery is absolutely fantastic. One of he best things that I saw in London. Of course I have many photos that I can not reproduce here. I strongly encourage people interested in portraiture to visit this place, where you may watch pictures from the old ages of the portrait until today. Simply unforgettable.

As all the other images of this blog, my intention is to capture the "atmosphere", the environment of the places. Their architecture, people watching images, the general aspect of the rooms interest me as much as individual pieces of art. But I cannot reproduce some of my best pictures. I am no Candida Hofer, obviously and sadly. Though I can (as anyone else, of course) capture the beauty of the British interiors, especially when there is no one in the rooms, and the statues, paintings, all the succession of museum's spaces look like sprectres. I can do that with no flash and my compact camera Leika.
Fantastic. You all should go there!

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