sábado, 3 de janeiro de 2009

Apropos of the so called "lesbian kiss" in David Lynch's Mulholand Drive

In Mulholand Drive, the kiss filmed is extremely sensual, but in fact it must be contextualized in the very texture of the film as a work of art. I mean, I have nothing against any form of love, including the so-called "lesbian love", I am not homophobic at all, but in this film, as it is well known, the two women are a sort of specters, so what is in cause here is the very idea of identity... each one identifies with the other, it is a very complex, interchangeable game of roles, etc- like in other films of Lynch. That is the transformative capacity of art.But I have no moral judgment against, to the contrary, my feeling, as a man that likes women, is that this scene is a wonderful scene of love, too...certainly one of the most beautiful love scenes of the history of cinema. Those who do not understand this do not have any idea of cinema, of this art of fantasy so well done by David Lynch's incredible imagination!

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