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Archaeology and Psychoanalysis - call for papers

Dear colleagues

I am preparing the edition of a book on
I think that it is an obvious book that we need, crossing perspectives of two disciplines: Freud loved archaeology, the two disciplines are twins, and both were born more or less at the same time...
In archaeology, I tend to be labelled as a post-processual archaeologist, whatever that means.
In psychoanalysis, I am a mere student of Lacanian philosophy – that is what interests me in psychoanalysis, the inspiration that comes from Freud and from the one who said that we should come back to Freud texts and spirit: Lacan.
But all these labels have no meaning when we go deep inside the matters. And the matters here are: to discuss how and why both disciplines have emerged at a certain point of the history of Western consciousness, and to what point may the psychoanalytic inspiration help in the full comprehension of what means to be a human. That is a step to do a better archaeology, I think.
My preferred authors in this complex universe: Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Giorgio Agamben, Jean-François Lyotard, among others, of course.

The idea is:
To have all the papers (c. 10/15 pages each) until the end of September 2009 in order to present them to a publisher. That deadline can not be postponed.
The book will be in English, and I consider the hypothesis of adding a co-editor specialized in psychoanalytic theory/practice (both disciplines, as we all know, imply a continuous dialectic between both aspects) in an editing work of real partnership.
The book would be published during 2010.
I ask those colleagues interested in a contribution for the kindness of contacting me until the end of 2008.
My e-mail:
Thank you.
Best regards
Vítor Oliveira Jorge
Prof. of Archaeology, University of Porto, Portugal.

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