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The Dialogue of Knowledge:Problems and perspectives of Archaeological Open Air Museums and experimental archaeology in Europe

8th liveARCH conference: The Dialogue of Knowledge
7 - 11 October 2009
Problems and perspectives of Archaeological Open Air Museums and experimental archaeology in Europe
Százhalombatta (Hungary)

liveARCH (www.conference.livearch.eu) is announcing a call for an international conference organised by the “Matrica” Museum at Százhalombatta (Hungary). We expect about 150 people from over 10 countries. With its concluding meeting in Hungary, October 2009, the EU project liveARCH will offer all interested parties an opportunity to discuss current issues and concerns related to the present state of affairs. Members of both EXAR (www.exar.org) and EXARC (www.exarc.eu) are invited just like any colleagues interested.

One of the most vexing problems is the relationship of archaeological open air museums to the academic world. Clearly what is needed is a change in how academic research perceives such museums. Such change can only be successfully brought about if the museums in question convince researchers that what they can offer can be relevant to their fields of study.
archaeological open air museums as institutions also have to show that they have come of age and are becoming legitimate research places much the same as those based in established museums and ethnographic open air museums.
With these two viewpoints in mind we would like to provide an opportunity for an open dialogue. We therefore invite all interested professionals to deliver papers and stimulate discussions and debates.
We suggest the following themes:
▪ The future role of archaeological open air museums and experimental archaeology.
▪ Why archaeological open air museums are not "Disneylands"?
▪ Reconstruction: what it should and should not encompass.

We expect many authors to be willing to present their papers at the conference, although there are limited places. In order to make an honest judgment we specifically ask anybody interested in giving a paper to apply by 31st of May and send us your manuscript as well as a summary in both English and German by 20th July 2009.

Conference fee: € 195.00. This includes the conference of 3 days, airport transfer, transport between the hotel and conference venue (a ship on the Danube), all meals from dinner on Wednesday evening up until breakfast on Sunday morning, 2 excursions, coffee & tea. It does not include extra drinks et cetera.

Accommodation: € 40.00 / night (hotel), about € 10 / night (hostel).

For more information or registration, please check www.conference.livearch.eu

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