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Tourism and Seductions of Difference, in Lisbon

CFP: Tourism and Seductions of Difference: 1st Tourism-Contact-Culture Research Network Conference. Lisbon, Portugal. 10-12 Sept 2010.

Please find a full CFP at http://www.cria.org.pt/ and http://www.tourism-culture.com/ .

We are pleased to announce the 1st Tourism-Contact-Culture Research Network Conference: Tourism and Seductions of Difference, which will take place in Lisbon, Portugal from 10 to 12 September 2010. The Conference builds on previous events organised by the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change at Leeds Metropolitan University (www.tourism-culture.com) and will mark the establishment of the Tourism-Contact-Culture Research Network as an international group of university researchers interested in critical tourism research. It will also bring a long established tradition in tourism anthropology research at the Portuguese Network Centre for Anthropological Research, CRIA (www.cria.org.pt) to a wider international audience. The conference is to become an annual series hosted by members of the Tourism-Contact-Culture Research Network or by the annual conferences of professional academic associations.

As tourism research spreads into the social sciences, the aim of this series is to bring together social scientists studying tourism and related social phenomena from different disciplinary perspectives. We wish to discuss and ‘test’ the theoretical premises of foundational texts in tourism studies and to develop ongoing critique and new ideas. We welcome papers both from established academics re-assessing their work in the light of current theoretical developments in the social sciences and from an emergent generation of academics presenting their research outputs. Tourism and Seductions of Difference, the theme of the 2010 Conference in Lisbon, Portugal addresses key issues and theoretical perspectives which have left their mark on tourism research over recent years.


• Ontologies of seduction: boundaries, differences, separations, times, others

• Formations of seduction: social assemblages, contact cultures, attractions

• Fields of seduction: gender, houses, heritages, nations, territories, classes

• Mediums of seduction: texts, bodies, arts, architectures, foods and natures

• Techniques of seduction: performance, flirtation, enticement, friendship, magic, concealment

• Emotions of seduction: temptations, transgressions, ingestions, emancipations

• Threats of seduction: spoliation, contamination, exclusion, death, degradation

• Politics of seduction: hospitality, containment, kinship, power

• Moralities of seduction: obligations, reciprocity, co-habitation

• Consequences of seduction: mobilities, cosmopolitanisms, world society

Academic Committee

David Picard, Maria Cardeira, Simone Abram, Mike Robinson, Saskia Cousin, Nelson Graburn, Maki Tanaka, Noel B. Salazar, Mathis Stocks, Pamila Gupta, Naomi Leite, Camila del Marmol, Ramona Lenz, Chiara Cipollari, Sanja Kalapos Gasparac, Britt Kramvig, Ester Võsu, Margaret Hard, Michael A. Di Giovine, Kenneth Little.

Call for papers

To propose a paper, please send a 250 word abstract including title and full contact details to tourismcontactculture@gmail.com. The Call for Papers for this event will initially be open until 20 March 2010. Late abstracts may be considered.


Dr David Picard

CRIA/FCSH-Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon

Conference contact email: tourismcontactculture@gmail.com

Source: WAC list

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