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International Festival of Archaeological Film - Rovereto, Italy

We would like to inform You that in the next edition (4th-9th October
2010) of our International Festival of Archaeological Film the main
theme will be the new researches and discoveries of the international archaeology and the archaeology of the Italian civilization.
But this is not the only theme!The Festival is open to any film in the
fields of archaeological, historical, palethnological and
anthropological research and to any documentary aimed at preserving
and valuing the cultural heritage.
All films selected for our Festival can receive the "Città di
Rovereto-Archeologia Viva" Prize given by the public to the most
appreciated film.

Deadline for the inscription: 20th APRIL 2010

It will be appreciate all the possible informations about film
productions on these subjects or about the new productions.

NEWS! In the wake of, a web channel managed by the Town Museum of Rovereto, we invite you to have a look at a web channel wholly dedicated to archaeology. The editorial staff is managed by Archeolgia Viva whereas the institutional, technical and administrative aspects are managed by Gruppo Giunti Editore and the Town Museum of Rovereto (The Town Council of Rovereto). Archeologia Viva TV features mainly news and the latest developments of international archaeological research. It also features all of the conversations-interviews in archaeological research which have been filmed and recorded in past festivals in Rovereto, and of course films about the millenary history of man and the ancient world. It is an exacting challenge and service. We do not have economic or commercial aims but we can indirectly create opportunities for the film productions that need promotion and visibility. We also really hope you will take part with your films!

Kind regards

Dario Di Blasi - Festival Director
Francesca Maffei - Festival Organizer

Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico
Museo Civico di Rovereto
Borgo Santa Caterina 43
38068 Rovereto (Tn)
tel/phone +39 0464 439055
fax +39 0464 439487
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