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"Tiziana Terranova (2007) describes the use of the term 'noopolitics' by Maurizio Lazzarato (2004). "'Noopolitics' supplements the biopolitics of the species described by Foucault" (Terranova 2007, 139). "Against the militarization of communication accomplished by new techniques of power, it is possible to think about the constitution of such publics [sic: politics] as counter-weapons, which work by expressing, inventing and creating possible worlds where the moment of resistance "the 'no' by which one refuses to watch, listen or believe" is the starting point for an affirmative activity" (Terranova 2007, 140).
  • Terranova, Tiziana . “Futurepublic: On Information Warfare, Bio-racism and Hegemony as Noopolitics.” Theory, Culture & Society 24.3 (2007): 125-145.
  • Lazzarato, Maurizio (2004) La politica dell’evento. Cosenza: Rubbettino.

This concept is retaken by Bernard Stiegler.

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