terça-feira, 31 de março de 2009

Niagara Falls: something escapes here to the photographic

It is crucial in these places not to look to where everyone else is looking (says to himself the ironic, standard, visitor)

knowledge is something extremely tiring. we want surfaces, just bright surfaces. images, thresholds, the very skin of reality. we are all longing for these liminal places: just a never ending, bright fall of light. we want to feel the aesthetics of all falling bodies. Everything else here is an abuse, an intrusion. Any construction at the surface of the land is an abuse. We should be naked under the naked rain, its lights, its flashes. Like in the beginning. Bright night at the heart of the brightest day.

Excess, impossibility of seeing this. Contemplation not allowed.

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Eli Anita disse...

Very (n)ice photos!!