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PROCEEDINGS OF THE XV WORLD CONGRESS (LISBON 2006) Information on the state of publication, in October 2009 The purpose of editing the proceedings until the end of 2009 is almost achieved. So far, we have 30 published volumes, 7 volumes in press (we hope to have them printed before December) and 12 volumes still in preparation (we hope to have all elements by December). The congress will have, in the end, 59 volumes: 2 volumes of abstracts, 8 books of Portuguese Prehistory and 49 volumes of proceedings.

ACTAS DO XV CONGRESSO MUNDIAL (LISBOA 2006) Informação sobre o status da edição, em Outubro de 2009 O objectivo de editar as actas até ao final de 2009 está quase cumprido. Até este momento, foram editados 30 volumes, 7 outros estão no prelo (devendo estar na distribuição antes de Dezembro) e 12 outros estão em preparação (esperamos poder concluí-los até Dezembro). O congresso terá, no final, 59 volumes: 2 volumes de resumos, 8 livros sobre a Pré-História de Portugal e 49 volumes de actas.

ACTES DU XV CONGRÈS MONDIAL (LISBONNE 2006) Information sur le stade de publication, en Octobre 2006 L’objectif d’éditer les actes avant la fin de 2009 est presque accompli. En ce moment, 30 volumes sont publiés, 7 autres sont sou-presse (il doivent être publiés avant Décembre) et 12 sont en préparation (on éspère les terminer jusqu’en Décembre). Le congrès aura, a la fin, 59 volumes : 2 volumes de résumés, 8 livres sur la Préhistoire du Portugal et 49 volumes d’actes.

Luiz Oosterbeek
UISPP Secretary General and Series General Editor


Volume # Session # Title Editors Publisher Status
1 C01 Status of Prehistoric studies in the twenty first century in India Ranjana Ray; Vidula Jayswal BAR Published
2 Ws11 Lithic technology in metal using societies - Berit Valentin Eriksen In Press
3 C16 Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers concept of territory François Djindjian; J.K.Kozlowski; Nuno Bicho BAR Published
4 C17 Late Palaeolithic Environments and Cultural Relations around the Adriatic Amilcare Bietti; Robert Whallon BAR Published
5 WS23 Raw material supply areas and food supply areas: integrated approach of the behaviours Mari-Hélène Moncel; Anne-Marie Moigne; et al. BAR Published
6 C18 Mesolithic/Neolithic interactions in the Balkans and in the middle Danube basin Janusz Kozlowski; Marek Nowak BAR Published
7 C68 a Monumental Questions: Prehistoric Megaliths, Mounds, and Enclosures. David Calado, Douglas Frink, Christel Baldia; Maximilian Baldia BAR In preparation
8 C68 b Monumental Questions: Prehistoric Megaliths, Mounds, and Enclosures. David Calado, Douglas Frink, Christel Baldia; Maximilian Baldia BAR In preparation
9 C53 A New Dawn for the Dark Age? - Shifting Paradigms in Mediterranean Iron Age Chronology Dirk Brandherm; Martin Trachsel BAR Published
10 C73 Aesthetics and Rock Art III Symposium Thomas Heyd; John Clegg BAR Published
11 C77 Non-flint Raw Material Use in Prehistory - Old Prejudices and New Direction Farina Sternke, Lotte Eigeland and Laurent-Jacques Costa BAR Published
12 C83 Current Issues on Projectile Tips Studies, from the beggining of the Upper Palaeolithic to the end of the Neolithic Jean-Marc Pétillon; Marie-Hélène Dias-Meirinho; et al. In Press
13 WS21 Use of combustibles and site functions during the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic period: new tools, new interpretations Théry-Parisot Isabelle; Sandrine Costamagno BAR Published
14 C54 On Shelter’s Ledge: Histories, Theories, and Methods of Rockshelter Research Marcel Kornfeld; Sergey Vasil’ev; Laura Miotti BAR Published
15 C13 The earliest inhabitants in Europe Henry de Lumley L’Anthropologie Published
16 C27 Prehistoric art and ideology Emmanuel Anati; Ulf Bertilsson BAR Published
17 C33 The Palaeolithic of the Balkans Andreas Darlas; Dusan Mihailovic BAR Published
18 C44 Ancient Neolithic in the Iberian Peninsula: regional and transregional components Mariana Diniz BAR Published
19 C80 Pleistocene palaeoart of the world Robert G. Bednarik, Derek Hodgston BAR Published
20 WS22 Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Evolutionary Archaeology: toward an unified Darwinian paradigm Hernan Muscio; Gabriel Lopez BAR Published
21 C64 e C65 Typology vs Technology Aubry T.; Francisco Almeida; Ana Cristina Araújo; Marc Tiffagom BAR Published
22 C08, WS32, C62, C06, C14 Humans: Evolutions and Environment Sheila Mendonça de Souza, Eugenia Cunha et al. BAR In Press
23 C52 Cognitive archaeology as symbolic archaeology Fernando Coimbra; George Dimitriadis BAR Published
24 WS26 Babies Reborn: infant/children burials in prehistory Tatiana Mishina; Krum Bacvarov BAR Published
25 WS34 Symbolism in Rock Art Fernando Coimbra; Léo Dubal BAR Published
26 C31 Mountain environments in prehistoric Europe: settlement and mobility strategies from Palaeolithic to the Early Bronze Age. Stefano Grimaldi; Thomas Perrin; BAR Published
27 C26 Prehistoric Art – Signs, symbols, mith, ideology Dario Seglie; Marcel Otte; L. Oosterbeek; Laurence Remacle BAR In Press
28 C15 Iran Palaeolithic Marcel Otte; Fereidoun Biglari; Jacques Jaubert BAR Published
29 WS20 Rock Art Data Base: New Methods and Guidelines in Archiviation and Catalogue Coord. R.Poggiani-Keller; G.Dimitriadis; F.Coimbra; C.Liborio; M. Ruggiero BAR Published
30 WS19 Rock Art and Museum Dario Seglie; G.Muñoz; G.Dimitriadis BAR Published
31 WS02 Megalithic quarries/quarrying – the sources from which the stones were taken, and the way they have been manipulated - Chris Scarre BAR Published
32 C69 C70 C71 WS28 Archaeometry. Defining a methodological approach to interpret structural evidences Maria Isabel Prudêncio, Maria Isabel Marques Dias Fabio Cavulli BAR In Press
33 C78 Modern Human dispersals, environments and cultural change in the Late Pleistocene of Northwest Africa and adjacent areas A Bouzouggar; N.Barton; F.Sbihi-Alaoui Published 34 C32 C55 S01 Archaeology and History P.Funari; João Pedro Bernardes ; Fabio Vergara Cerqueira BAR In preparation
35 C74, S02, C85, WS37, S07, C81, Prehistoric Art Marc Groenen; Didier Martens, et al. BAR In preparation
36 S04, C22, C11, C88, WS29 Early farmers landscapes Ana Cruz, Angela Buarque et al. BAR In Preparation
37 C04 C04 - Technology and Methodology for Archaeological Practice: Practical applications for the past reconstruction - Alexandra Figueiredo; Hans Kammermans BAR In Press
38 C76 Antiquarians at the Megalithics Magda Midgley BAR Published
39 WS15 WS15 - Technological analysis on quartzite exploitation Sara Cura; Stefano Grimaldi BAR Published
40 C28 - Symbolic spaces in Prehistoric Art: territories, travels and site location. - François Djindjian; Luiz Oosterbeek BAR Published
41 C72 Space, Memory and Identity in the European Bronze Age Ana Bettencourt; Miguel Cortina; Magdolna Vicze BAR In preparation
42 C61 Animal exploitation by prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies: environment, subsistence and technical behaviour Laure Fontana; François-Xavier Chauvière Published
43 C66 -Harvesting the Sea: current perspectives on hunter-gatherer coastal adaptations – Nuno Bicho; Jonathan Haws In preparation
44 WS16 Sharing Taphonomic approaches - M.Coumont; C.Thiebaut; A Averbough In preparation
45 C67 - Settlement dynamics and Environment Resources in the Palaeolithic of Southwest France : the case of the Quercy region - Marc Jarry; Jean-Philip Brugal; C. Ferrier In preparation
46 C75 “Archeologues sans frontieres". Towards a history of international archeological congresses (1866-2006) Mircea Babes; Marc-Antoine Kaeser BAR In Press
47 S05, C47, WS06, WS36, C89, C87, S03, WS24, C39 Miscellania C. Fidalgo; L.Oosterbeek BAR In Preparation
48 C35 Neolithic and Chalcolithic architecture in Europe and the near east: techniques of building an spatial organization Dragos Gheorghiu In Preparation
49 C86 Middle and Upper Palaeolithic Bladelet productions: a Diachronic perspective Nicolas Teyssandier; Pierre Bodu; Marie-Isabelle Cattin; Laurent Klaric; Ludovic Slimak In Preparation

Secretary of the XVth Congress of the U.I.S.P.P., c/.Prof.Luiz Oosterbeek,

Instituto Politécnico de Tomar, Estrada da Serra, 2300 TOMAR, Portugal

Tel. (+351) 249-346363 * fax. (+351) 249 346366 * email: uispp.xvcongress@ipt.pt


Secretary of the U.I.S.P.P., c/.Prof.Luiz Oosterbeek,

Instituto Politécnico de Tomar, Estrada da Serra, 2300 TOMAR, Portugal

Tel. (+351) 249-346363 * fax. (+351) 249 346366 * email: uispp.xvcongress@ipt.pt

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