I am not

I am not

domingo, 25 de outubro de 2009

Alain Badiou - The Event as Creative Novelty

Alain Badiou lecturing about mathematical logic in relation to Aristotles book 4 of the Metaphysics, in particular on the proposition of the excluded middle and its relation to the event as creative novelty. He proposes that of the four types of logic it is the fourth type of negation—the negation that obeys neither the principle of non-contradiction nor the principle of the excluded middle—is in fact the total destruction of any power of negativity. It is the null point of the first three propositions in which negation finally exists only as the negated. Badiou uses this proposition to illustrate his ontology that a thing—be it physical, biological, scientific, philosophic or juridical— is a pure multiplicity without any qualifying determination. The laws of the world are not laws of things themselves but instead laws between the relationships of things.

Interessante a relação do não-todo com este movimento da lógica, nomeadamente na sua relação com a negação que não obedece, nem ao princípio de não contradição, nem ao princípio do terceiro excluído. Tudo isto dá uma enorme vontade de voltar a Copjec, não só ao "Imagine There is no Women", mas sobretudo a sua discussão de Foucault em "Read My Desire".
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