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archaeology and media: what is at stake ? 5th November, Brussels

"Here is the program of the conference about "archaeology and media: what is at stake?". It will be held on the 5th of November at the Musées royaux d'art et d'histoire de Buxelles, Belgium. It's a free entrance conference.
This conference is supported by Kineon and ACE (archaeology in contemporary Europe - European Community Funded Culture Program).
9h00 Welcome
9h20 Introduction : Serge LEMAITRE (MRAH, Kineon) et Céline SCHALL (Université d’Avignon / Uqàm, Canada)
9h45 Drawing up a balance sheet of the archaeological film for the last 15 years, Tom Stern (Stiftung Ruhr Museum), Thomas TODE (filmmaker, Hamburg, Allemagne)
10h35 Making the Most of the Medium of Film to Create Alternative Narratives about the Past and its Investigation, Ruth TRINGHAM (University of California, Berkeley)

11h00-11h15 Coffee-Break

11h15 Bonekickers: informing, educating, entertaining ? Greg Bailey (University of Bristol), Don HENSON (Council for British Archaeology) et Angela PICCINI (University of Bristol)

11h40 The Value of Television: A Critical Approach, Faye SIMPSON (University of Exeter)
12h05 The strange case of the Mary Rose, popular culture and academic maritime archaeology, Joel SPERRY (UCL, Institute of Archaeology, Londres)

12h30-14h00 Lunch Time

14h00 The Mysterious Bog People: quand l’archéologie emprunte à la fiction policière. Valérie MORISSON (Université de Grenoble II)
14h25 Bones and disease in the British Media, Victoria Mary Park (University of Newcastle)
14h50 Popularization of archaeology in the Argentinean newspaper: social representation and education, Virginia SALERNO (Universidad Buenos Aires)
15h15 Archaeology threatens the world! Representations of archaeologists in cinema, Peter HISCOCK (Australian National University, Canberra)

15h40-15h55 Coffee-Break

15h55 The Holmes Stretch (or There’s No Place Like Holmes), Easton J ANSPACH (Columbia University, New York).
16h20 De l’archéologie expérimentale à l’histoire vivante : un exemple de médiation culturelle, Damien GLAD (Paris I Sorbonne)
16h55 L’archéologie et la science-fiction, Danièle ALEXANDRE-BIDON (EHESS, Paris)
17h20 – 18h00 Conclusion et discussion"

Serge Lemaitre

Source: WAC list

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