quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2009

TAG Durham 2009 - session on critical thinking - call for papers!

Dear colleagues
I will coordinate a session in TAG 2009 (Durham, UK):

Archaeologists as contemporary critical thinkers

Organised by: Vitor O. Jorge (University of Porto,
vitor.oliveirajorge@gmail.com; CEAUCP)

Right from the beginning of archaeology as a “science” during the 19th century, archaeologists, like any other social scientists at the time, tried to elaborate a “theory” of “man” and of “society”. Implicitly or explicitly, this “theory” was, and still is, meshed with “practice”. Theory and practice are combined in fieldwork, in the production archaeological texts (reports included) and the presentation of “results” to the general public. This session aims to think critically about archaeology in the modern world, paying particular attention to those debates and enquires that have preoccupied modern thinkers in the last decades. What are the contributions that archaeology has made to modern dialogue in the social sciences? If we want that the production and diffusion of our work have some effect beyond the purely academic world, how do we integrate it into a modern politics of knowledge? That is the challenge of this session, calling for papers that are situated in the interface of archaeology and a politics of knowledge, i.e., of a critical thinking and action.

Please send your paper's proposals! Thanks
Best regards
Vitor Oliveira Jorge

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