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VAST 2010 - First Call for Papers

VAST 2010 - First Call for Papers

September 21st-24th 2010

Ecole de Louvre, Palais du Louvre, Paris, France

VAST 2010: 11th Symposium on Virtual reality Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

1st Call for Papers Submission Deadlines: 5th May 2010

Science Technology & Museums: A Challenge for the New Decade.

In the 21st century the use of digital technology is a common practice in every day of our lives, contributing to the development, management and delivery of the information that surrounds our environment. Archaeologists and Cultural Heritage scientists as well as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) experts have in the past collaborated to find solutions to optimize all aspects of managing and delivering cultural information to new generations, but there remain many unsolved problems.

The goal of this VAST will be to build on the open dialogue between these different areas of expertise, and in particular allow ICT experts to have a better understanding of the critical requirements of the CH scientists for managing and delivering cultural information. The result of this interaction will be disseminated through use of innovative digital techniques in research and education for Cultural Heritage and through publications: on-going project results; preliminary ideas and works in progress; and overviews of research in the use of digital technology in the context of Cultural Heritage.

We are seeking contributions that advance the state of the art in the technologies available to support cultural heritage. In particular:

* 2/3/4D data capture and processing in Cultural Heritage

* Augmentation of physical collections with digital presentations

* Data acquisition technologies

* Digital Libraries

* Digital capture and annotation of intangible heritage (performance, audio, dance, oral)

* Interactive environments and applications for Cultural Heritage

* Long term preservation of digital artefacts

* Metadata, classification schema, ontologies and semantic processing

* Multilingual applications, tools and systems for Cultural Heritage

* Multimedia data acquisition, management and archiving

* Multi-modal interfaces and rendering for Cultural Heritage

* On-site and remotely sensed data collection

* Professional and ethical guidelines

* Serious games in Cultural Heritage

* Standards and documentation

* Storytelling and design of heritage communications

* Tools for education and training in Cultural Heritage

* Usability, effectiveness and interface design for Cultural Heritage Applications

* Visualization

Other relevant works concerning the application of technology to Cultural Heritage not directly included in the above categories are also welcome for submission.


The best papers presented at VAST 2010 will be selected for possible extension and review for inclusion in a special edition of the ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage (JOCCH). JOCCH is published online during the year and then a hard-copy volume is produced at the end of the year.


VAST 2010 will include the "VAST-STate-of-the-Art Reports (VAST-STARs)", inspired by the EG STARs. These are longer papers providing useful novel overviews of research in the fields of computer graphics, computer science and related fields that can benefit the multidisciplinary nature of VAST. They are survey papers in what the community considers important areas that have not been covered before or recently. Their aim is to give a detailed account of the principles, algorithms and open problems of a research area, so that an interested reader can quickly become up to speed in this field. We warmly encourage all colleagues to submit to the VAST-STARs reports. Two VAST-STARs will be selected by peer review and published in the local proceedings together with the short and project papers. The VAST-STARs will be eligible for the special issue on Cultural Heritage on Elsevierâ•˙s Computers and Graphics (C&G, to be confirmed). VAST-STARs authors will present their work with a 60 m

inute presentation during VAST 2010.


We are soliciting five types of contributions:

* Full research papers presenting new innovative results: these papers will be published by Eurographics in the EG Symposium (ISSN 1881-864X).

* VAST-STARs providing a useful novel overview of research in the fields of computer graphics, computer science and related fields that can benefit the multidisciplinary nature of VAST.

* Project papers focusing on on-going projects, the description of project organization, use of technology, and lesson learned, but do not necessarily involving innovative technical content. These papers will have an oral presentation and will be included in a "Projects & Short Papers" proceedings volume. Authors will have the option to present a poster during the breaks to provide more information regarding the project.

* Short papers and posters presenting preliminary results and works-in-progress. These papers will have an oral presentation and will be published in the "Projects & Short Papers" proceedings volume.

* Tutorials and Workshops: half-day and full-day working sessions that provide an opportunity to educate and share on key topics of interest face-to-face. Suitable tutorial documentation will be published in the "Projects & Short Papers" proceedings volume. Workshops that provide supplementary material in time for the CD-ROM printing will also be included.

All submissions will be reviewed and feedback given to the authors. See detailed information on the VAST 2010 website under Submissions.


* Abstract submission (full/project/short/workshops/tutorials/VAST-STARs): 1st May 2010 (23:59 CET)

* Paper submission (full/project/short/workshops/tutorials/VAST-STARs): 5th May 2010 (23:59 CET)

* Author notification: 5th June 2010

* Camera-ready copies: 15th June 2010


* Event Chair: Christiane Naffah (Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musees de France, Paris)

* Scientific Program Chairs: Alessandro Artusi (The Cyprus Institute, CASTORC), Alejandro Ribes (Electricite de France R&D)

* Local Organising Committee: Denis Pitzalis (The Cyprus Institute, STARC), Morwena Joly (Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musees de France, Paris).

* VAST-STARs Committee: Yiorgos Chrysanthou (University of Cyprus) and Selma Rizvic (University of Sarajevo)


the VAST Committee

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