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Facts, Values and Objectivity

2nd CES International Seminar on the Foundations of Economics

Facts, Values and Objectivity

19-20 March 2010, CES Seminar Room, 2nd Floor, Coimbra


By proposing a reflection on “Facts, Values and Objectivity” we do not intend to revisit past controversies on the same terms. Our concern is with questions insufficiently addressed that are presently becoming urgent, such as:

1. At a time when the normative burden of economics is increasing we still lack a clear understanding of how to engage as economists in deliberations that necessarily involve ends and values.

2. “The ethos of social science” – wrote Myrdal in the opening of Objectivity in Social Research – “is the search for ‘objective’ truth”.

3. Given the changes in the institutional context of the creation of economic knowledge, namely its increasing commodification, the ethical pressures and challenges are mounting. More and more economists are aware of epistemic and normative uncertainties: Program

Friday, 19 March
10:15-10:30 Opening Session

José Reis

10:30-12:45 Facts, values and objectivity: old debates revisited

Luís Francisco Carvalho
On the split between the ‘science’ and the ‘art’ of political economy: what can we learn from nineteenth-century controversies?

José Castro Caldas / Vítor Neves
The meaning of objectivity: what can we learn from Robbins and Myrdal?

Ana C. Santos
Facts, values, preferences and the aspiration to neutrality: Lessons from recent developments in economics

Discussant: Nuno Martins

12:45-14:15 Lunch

14:15-15:30 Keynote address

Ricardo Crespo
Practical Reasoning in Economic Affairs: The HD Index as a Case Study

15:30-17:00 Realism and normativity in economics and political philosophy

Nuno Martins
Ethics, Ontology and Economics

Mathias Thaler
On the relationship between realism, normativity and critique: Some thoughts about Raymond Geuss’s political philosophy

Discussant: João Cardoso Rosas

17:00-17:30 Coffee-break

17:30-18:45 Keynote address

Sheila C. Dow
Economics and Moral Sentiments: The Case of Moral Hazard

Saturday, 20 March

9:30-11:00 Science in the public space

Manuel Branco
Economics against human rights

Laura Centemeri
The “conventional” objectivity of public space: how to think about the questionability of what we need to be unquestionable.

Discussant: Vítor Neves

11:00-11:30 Coffee-break


João Gata
Economic Science and Competition Policy: a fruitful relationship?

João Arriscado Nunes
Steps to a new political economy of life and health

Discussant: José Castro Caldas

13:00 Closure


Registration fee includes lunch on the 19th and coffee-breaks.

Registration until 10 March 2010

Online registration at www.ces.uc.pt/eventos/2_foundationseconomics.php

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