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reply address is acpinto@ih.csic.es

On Monday, the 21st of May we will be submitting the 2nd Circular with much more details, only to those that responded to this one with the details requested below.

This project involves the excavation of a cave site with layered sediments that go through the Middle and the early Upper Palaeolithic up to the Gravettian, that is Neandertal and early modern human Cro-magnon occupations. A test trench uncovered a stratigraphic sequence of more than 16 archaeological levels, you can find some more information in our webpage www.accuca.conectia.es and about the fieldwork season in the following URL's:

Minimum participation is of half season as follows. However, participants willing to commit fo the full season will be given priority.
1st Session: July 29th to August 15th
2nd Session August 15th to August 31st

Participants make their own travel arrangements to a nearby town where we collect you, and then take you back at the end of your stay. Much more detailed indications will be given in the 2nd Circular. Participants are required a basic fee of • 700 per Session, or • 1.200 for the full season, that contribute towards lodging and catering. We also keep open a limited number of positions open for amateur/mature participants for a fee of • 1500 Euros for 2 weeks or • 3000 for four weeks that includes full board plus a much appreciated small contribution towards the research.

We work Monday through Saturday, from 08:00 to 19:00, with two half hour -or so, food-breaks: a pre-lunch break at 11:00 and lunch break at 14:30. Sunday is free so you can do your washing, shopping or write postcards. Some excursions will be organized of cultural interest on Sundays, and some relevant lectures given on thursdays. Please take into account that if you want to do other activities during your free time you will have to make your own rent-a-car arrangements and these are available and cheap locally.

Lodging will be provided in fully furnished log cabins, 8 people max per cabin. These have nice linen and blankets but nothing wrong with bringing a warm sleeping bag if you have one. There is a Launderette with washing and drying facilities for clothing, and a swimming pool and camping space should anyone be interested. The weather tends to be cool and humid in the region but who knows anymore. Breakfast is taken in your log cabin, dinner is taken at a local restaurant, and lunch baskets are daily prepared by ourselves that contain drinks, sandwiches, fruit etc. since lunch is eaten at the site.

You have to be prepared to work both in the Laboratory and in the rockshelter, depending on the needs. Access to Sopeña involves a step trek up a mountain for some 20 minutes. You are expected to good-naturedly participate in the daily carrying of tools, etc. to the site and then tools, finds, sediments etc. back to the field lab. You will need strong waterproof mountain or trecking boots, and rain gear. Some may not be inclined to physical strain; there is the possibility of taking permanent responsibilities in the field Lab, but please talk to me about it beforehand.

The excavation's plotting find routine is being done using a Total Station and a hand held computer equiped with Geographic Information Systems software. Although everybody will receive complete training as needed to develop your tasks, previous experience in the use of surveying instruments and GIS software will be valued. Laboratory work involves washing, restoring if needed, labeling finds, also sieving and sorting sediments. These tasks need to be kept up-to-date daily. Responsibilities are initially ascribed to participantes by academic seniority.

If you are interested please send me an e-mail stating clearly:

A) Name, surname
B) Your intended dates of participation in the Project
C) Explain if you have prior fieldwork/laboratory experience and if so, explain very briefly type of excavation, chronology dug, and how long you participated
D) Your home address and phone number, your cell phone and your e-mail so we can be easily in contact.
E) Attach your CV or short resumee. If you have already submitted this to me, you do not need to do it again, but state that you have already done it.
F) If you are a University student, please give in your CV or resumee the name and e-mail of two of your professors that would provide proof of your character if so requested. We do not need letters from them at this stage.

The general area is that of the Picos de Europa, a very beautiful, spectacularly mountainous area with a very rich and rather jolly culture. You may have a look in: http://www.asturiaspicosdeeuropa.com/english/index.html

The number of positions available is limited, and the selection will be done according to the points above and promptness of application.
The deadline to reply to this letter is on tuesday the 15th of May.

On Monday, the 21st of May will be submitted the 2nd Circular letter,with much more details, only to those that responded to this one.
Subsequently the third Circular (Excavation and Laboatory Methods) will be only submitted to the definitive participants.
Even after the completion of the 2007 Team, a waiting list will be kept in case that anyone drops out in the last moment that would enable other to join.

I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes,
Ana C. Pinto, MA PhD
Dept. Prehistoria
Spanish Research Council CSIC

Dr. Ana C. Pinto Llona
Instituto de Historia, Dpto. de Prehistoria
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
c/ Duque de Medinaceli, 8
28012 Madrid, España

acpinto@ih.csic.es acpinto@las.es
Tel.: (+) (34) 91 429 0626 (Ext. 5303)

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