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Aggregation in the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto in 1989. We call "aggregation" in Portugal the last public evaluation of a teacher by his/her peers, consisting of 2 sessions (in 2 different days): discussing of the curriculum vitae, discussion of the report presented by the candidate about one of the courses that he/she gives, and the presentation of a lecture of 1 hour. This lecture is commented critically by one of the members of the jury. In my case, it was Prof. Martin Almagro-Gorbea, Universidad Complutense, Madrid. The lecture (about Western Europe passage graves) was published in my Faculty's journal and later included in a book.
In the photo, my friend the archaeologist Manuela Delgado is speaking with me and in the background there is my father, Joaquim Jorge.

In our office of Porto, 1992 (not at home, not at the Faculty. To work in archaeology we had to rent this office in 1984. The Phd dissertation of Susana was written here)

On a boat, Douro river, during a break of the excavations, Summer 1992

Susana and Prof. Michael Shanks, Sweden, 1998
Congress of the the European Association of Archaeologists (Gothenburg)

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