sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2007

Mission in England

Departure to London (Stansted) of Vítor, Gonçalo, João Muralha.
Searching for books in the UCL area. Bags full of science, night near Heathrow.
Departure to Manchester. Ana Vale joins the group.
Long trip (by train and bus) to Windermere (in the Lake District, Cumbria) where Mark Edmonds (U.York) and Lesley McFayden (U. Leicester) were waiting for us.
Visit to the Castlerigg Stone Circle (Grasmere), and to 3 henges in a linear landscape, namely Arthur's Round Table.
Visit to John Ruskin's house/museum.
Visit to the Langdale Valley - an area for the "production" of roughouts of axes, among many other things.
Discussion around questions of common interest, namely based on power point presentations in the house were we were living (see images). These debates occurred daily. Colin Richards (U. Manchester) joins the group.
Visit to the stone circle called Long Meg and her Daughters (with a standing stone covered by engravings).
Visit to Blackwell - The Arts and Crafts House.
Departure of the Portuguese team to Manchester, London and Porto (with the exception of Ana).

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Gonçalo Leite Velho disse...

No dia 25 houve também apresentação de PowerPoints com uma discussão muito interessante sobre as arquitecturas monumentais do III milénio a.C.

Gonçalo Leite Velho disse...

O mesmo aconteceu no dia 23.
Dia 23 Apresentação por Lesley McFadyen relativa ao problema das arquitecturas e cultura material.
Apresentação sumária de problemas relativos a esta temática em Castanheiro do Vento e Castelo Velho, por Ana Vale e Gonçalo Leite Velho.
Dia 25 Apresentação por Vitor Oliveira Jorge relativa à problemática dos recintos monumentais da Europa Ocidental no III-II milénio a.C.

Vitor Oliveira Jorge disse...

No texto está:
These debates occurred daily...