sábado, 28 de abril de 2007

Mission in England - two interesting books about the region

The Peak District (Cumbria) was the first National Park to be established in Britain (middle of the XXth century)
(see for instance http://www.natures-desktop.

Prehistorian Mark Edmonds and photographer Tim Seaborne present us in the book above a very suggestive account of the ancient history of this region, from the Mesolithic to the Iron Age.
First published in 2001, it has been reprinted twice since then, by Tempus (Stroud, Gloucestershire)
See: www.tempus-publishing.com

In the second book (below), also published by Tempus (2004), Mark Edmonds describes how a particular place of that area evolved from the Neolithic to the present.

These are works that bring us an important approach to archaeology: an archaeology connected to a deep understanding of the landscape, and demanding a long term involvement with a particular region. They show us how archaeology is a way of seeing and living an environment that is the opposite experience of the tourist gaze.

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