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Field school

Archaeological Excavations
Field School - 1 –28 July 2007
Castanheiro Do Vento (Portugal)

The prehistoric site of Castanheiro do Vento (3rd to 2nd mil BC) is located in Northeast Portugal, in the beautiful Port wine region. A monumental stone enclosure, Castanheiro do Vento is one of the most important places in Iberia and Western Europe for the study of prehistoric architectures of this period. Results have been regularly published in the Journal of Iberian Archaeology and were debated at TAG 2005.

The field school is organised by the University of Porto. Further information about the team, site and region can be found at

For applications and related enquiries please contact Ana Vale (

Applicants will need a real interest in archaeology (we accept anyone above 18 years old, regardless of the subject of his/hers first degree or area of specialization).

Applicants are asked to send a brief CV (including name, email etc.) to Ana Vale at

Directors of the excavation responsible for the acceptance of volunteers:
Prof. Vítor Oliveira Jorge (Univ. do Porto),
João Muralha Cardoso (PhD student, University of Porto),
Ana Margarida Vale (PhD student, University of Porto) e
Gonçalo Leite Velho (lecturer at Instituto Politécnico de Tomar and PhD student, University of Porto).

Local collaboration, with Dr. Ângela Carneiro (Post-doc holder of a FCT-Portugal scholarship) and with archaeologists from British universities.

Excavation: Open air excavation located on the top a hill of easy access. We are digging a very large area that is not protected from sun or rain, etc. People will be transported daily from and back to the village of Freixo de Numão.

Periods of participation & costs:

1 week (from Sun afternoon to following Sat morning): 200 € (= £140/ $236)
2 weeks (2 first ones or 2 last ones): 400 € (= £280/ $ 472)
4 weeks: 800 € (=£560/ $ 944)
To be paid at arrival to the local association ACDR de Freixo de Numão (António Sá Coixão
Phone/fax number 351-279-789573). Costs cover insurance.

Participants must arrive at Freixo railway station on Sunday evening before the first working day and leave in the morning of Saturday following the last day’s work (Participants do not dig on Saturday and Sunday).

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