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Sites of Conflict

Birkbeck Institute for Social Research

'Sites of Conflict' Seminar Series

Wendy Brown

'Porous Sovereignty, Walled Democracy'

Why the current proliferation of nation-state walls, especially amidst widespread proclamations of global connectedness and anticipation of a world without borders? And why barricades built of concrete, steel and barbed wire when threats to the nation today are so often miniaturized, vaporous, clandestine, dispersed or networked? Why walls now and how are they to be understood? This project considers the recent spate of wall building through the problematic of eroded nation-state sovereignty. As walls permit infiltration by much of what they formally interdict, confound the distinction between law and lawlessness represented by the nation state, and both highlight and exacerbate tensions between global flows and national anxieties, walls project an imago of sovereign power that the nation-state cannot sustain. And as they consecrate the boundary corruption they overtly contest, they signify the ungovernability by law of a range of forces unleashed by globalization.

Wendy Brown is Emanuel Heller Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley where she is also affiliated with the program in Critical Theory and the program in Women, Gender and Sexuality. Her books include Regulating Aversion (2006), Edgework (2005), Left Legalism/Left Critique (2002, co-edited), Politics Out of History (2001), States of Injury (1995), and Manhood and Politics (1989). She is currently working on a book on Marx’s critique of religion and a book on contemporary nation-state walling considered through the theoretical problematic of sovereignty.

Wednesday 19th November 3.30 - 5pm Room B33 Birkbeck Main Building

Free - all welcome. No registration - just come along.

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