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Zagreb, 24 - 28 June 2009
MISPERFORMANCE: Misfiring, Misfitting, Misreading

"The fifteenth PSi conference MISPERFORMANCE: Misfiring, Misfitting, Misreading will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, June 24 – 28 2009. It is being hosted by the Centre for Drama Art as principal organizer, in collaboration with several other research and cultural institutions: the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Comparative Literature Department; Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology Department) and the Academy of Drama Arts (Dramaturgy Department) of the University of Zagreb, Zagreb Youth Theatre, Teatar &TD and the Zagreb University Student Centre, alongside the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research.
PSi # 15 is organized under the auspices of Performance Studies international (PSi), an international professional association founded in 1997 to promote communication and exchange between scholars and practitioners working in the field of performance. The organization has staged numerous international conference and festival gatherings that have moved between the discourse and practice of performance. PSi conferences have been held across the U.S.A. and the U.K. and in Germany, New Zealand and Singapore.

The aim of the fifteenth PSi conference is to study a broad spectrum of cultural, organizational, technological and political performances by focusing on the causes and the problems of performance mistakes, misreadings, „(in)felicities“, misunderstandings and misfittings – i. e., those outcomes of performance that are susceptible to provoking disturbances – even deep alterations – within diverse spheres of life: from the private to the social and political, ranging from slips of tongue, via artistic avant-garde and aborted revolutions, to environmental disasters; from ideological distortions and abuses of power to new perspectives and resistance to authorities of any kind."


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