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Desires from the Past: What do Archaeological Images Want? TAG Southampton 2008

The session took place in the campus of the University of Southampton, UK (30th TAG 2008) on the afternoon of 17 December 2008)

Laurent Dissard (Univ. of California, Berkeley) presenting his paper:
Images from the Keban Dam Rescue Project in Southeastern Turkey

Christopher Watts (Univ. of Toronto) presenting his paper:
Face-to-face: intersubjectivity and the other in Iroquoian ceramic effigy pipes

Ana Margarida Vale (PhD candidate Univ. Porto/CEAUCP researcher) presenting her paper (see other picture of her in the same session, in an other post of this blog):
Representing the past: strangeness versus familiarity. The case of the so-called "fortified settlements"of Iberia

Gonçalo Leite Velho (Polytechnical Institute, Tomar - PhD candidate Univ. Porto) presenting his paper:
In his bold gaze I see my ruin writ large

Sara Perry (Univ. of Southampton) presenting her paper:
Creating and being created by images: visualization and the establishment of the earliest archaeology departments in Britain

Joana Alves Ferreira (PhD candidate, Univ. Porto/ CEAUCP researcher) presenting her paper:
Melancholy and loss: the desire of approaching the past. Thinking through the archaeological images

Sultana Zorpidu (PHd candidate, Germany) presenting her paper: Classical Antiquity images working as advertising medium. About the desire to possess consumer goods with a visual relation to the past

Sthepanie Koerner (Univ. Manchester) presenting her paper: "You doubt of what I say? I'll show you" - archaeology after pre-moderns

(please see other recent post of this blog - with all the abstracts of this session)

Zeynep Akture (Turkey) could not attend the conference due to urgent health problems. I hope that she may participate in the book resulting from this session

Coordination of session and final comments: VOJ (Univ. Porto/CEAUCP researcher)

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