sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2009

translation and complicity

I write in Portuguese, but I will try to have some of my poems translated into English as soon as I can. Each one of us express himself/herself in his/her mother-language, and that is fundamental to conserve, but today it is absolutely crucial to express ourselves also in a "translated way", i. e., in the language of the Empire, as when we Europeans we were colonized 2.000 years ago by the Romans.

I am absolutely convinced of the importance of having part of my poetry translated, but it is very hard to find anyone who can do that just for pleasure and friendship, which implies mutual admiration, a kind of love of course (translating poetry is rewriting a new poem, that "collaborator" should be a kind of poet too). A translated poem in fact is a team work... One of the greatest complicities that we may have with someone.
We long for The Translator as we long for love.

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Mar disse...

Hello Vítor,

Since you`ve written in English, I`m going to reply to your appeal in English too. As you may remember, you`ve visited my blog last November and you seemed to have enjoyed it. I enjoy yours every time I have a break in my work to have a look at it. So, since translating poetry seems to demand a certain, perhaps high degree of complicity and love, I think we can build up a good translating / poetic team of translator and creator, mutually admired.

So, I would be very glad to help you in translating your poems, in recreating your poetic language and above all your meaning as a poet into the English language, with all the difficulties, pleasure, and sense of accomplishment it may offer us.

You can visit my profile as a translator / proofreader at the following link:


Kind regards,