sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2009


Maybe I am wrong, or simplistic, but this concept - desire - underpins all modern consciousness, all modern philosophy. It is a crucial discovery of the psychoanalytical inspiration, initiated by Freud.
That, together with the awareness that ultimately there are no fundaments for identity, be it individual or collective, that there is no transcendent reality or supernatural reality, or any kind of unity in which to settle any certitude, is strategical to understand what means to live in contemporaneity.
We are left with this noble condition of having no protective roof, no father. We are all homeless.
Many people does not know that. They keep accomplishing rituals in order to maintain tradition, in order to rescue some anchor that keeps them attached to ground.
One day they will learn to fly, to enter deep into the desert, to penetrate into dangerous waters where the dead live for ever. To shake hands with their sprectres. And to feel good. The happiness of solitude.

Photo: Johan Nilsson

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